Have small engine equipment? Need repairs?

Have small engine equipment? Need repairs?

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What does a full service at Nick's Small Engine Service include? We're proud to do the following with every full service on your gas powered lawn mower:

  • Inspect the Fuel Condition
  • Inspect Oil Level and Check that the Engine Will Start
  • Clean the Underside of the Mower Deck
  • Clean/Sharpen/Balance the Blade or Blades (Extra Charge Applies if There Are Two Blades or a Ninja Blade)
  • Change the Engine Oil (If the Lawn Mower Is a Four-Stroke Engine)
  • Inspect the Spark Plug (Clean and Gap It or Replace It, if Warranted)
  • Inspect the Engine Brake Cable (Extra Charge May Apply for Replacement if Warranted)
  • Inspect the S/P Cable / Drive Wheels / Drive Belt, if Self Propelled (Extra Charge Applies for Repair or Replacement of Parts)
  • Tighten All Fasteners and Secure All Cables
  • Test Electric Start, if Equipped
  • Wash and Lube the Machine
  • Test-Run the Machine

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For all other small engine equipment give us a call - we'll give you the details.

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