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How often should my small-engine equipment be serviced (tuned up)?

It depends on how much use it’s getting. Remember, a service constitutes a lot more than an oil change. A service will keep your equipment reliable and make it last longer. A typical service does not include repair of the fuel system (carburetor), however.

How often should I service my lawn mower?

A lawn mower service is recommended after each 25 hours of use (once a year, for most homeowners).

How often should I have my snow blower serviced?

It is recommended that you have your snow blower serviced after each 25 hours of use. The timing may vary, depending on the size of your driveway and the amount of snow you get.

What fuel should I use in my small-engine equipment?

Most fuel now contains the additive E-10 ethanol. We recommend Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment, or STA-BIL Marine Formula both of which stabilize gas for two years and have enzymes to cure the ethanol caused issues listed below.

• Gums rapidly form in the fuel tank and fuel delivery systems as ethanol fuels age. However, ethanol is also a powerful solvent that will strip away and disperse   this build-up back into the fuel as large, performance-robbing particles. This process leads to clogged filters, injectors and carburetors.

• E-10 fuel will naturally hold 0.5% water in suspension, but when water levels exceed this threshold, or when the fuel cools significantly, the water/ethanol mix drops out of suspension. This reaction is called phase separation. Excessive water in the fuel tank causes engines to run roughly and stall. It can even lead to internal damage to engine components.

How should I store my equipment in the off-season?

Most importantly, make sure you're using a good fuel stabilizer and there's no E10 Ethanol in your fuel.

4-Stroke Equipment (Straight Gas)

• Fill the fuel tank as full as possible.

2-Stroke Equipment (Oil Mixed in with the Gas)

• Drain the fuel mix if the machine is going to sit idle for longer than two months, especially those chainsaws that sit up at the cottage.

• Pour the fuel out, priming so as to remove as much fuel as possible from the carburetor.

• We make this recommendation because, no matter what you do, the oil will separate from the gas eventually.

How should I store my pressure washer in the winter?

Not only do pressure washers have an electric motor or gas engine (see storage notes above for the engine), pressure washers have a water pump. If water freezes inside the pump, the pump may get damaged or need replacing. To store your pressure washer you need to either 1) bring it into a warm area that does not freeze once the weather gets cold or 2) fill the pressure washer pump with plumbing antifreeze or alternative product if it's going to be stored where it could freeze.

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